How To Buy Bitcoin on Cash App(updated 1/17/2021)

January 17, 2021

Here is a step by step guide to buying Bitcoin on Cash App! The same steps can also be used for any other cryptocurrency.

Cash App is an app developed by Square Inc., which allows people to easily send money to each other and invest.

Step 1

Download the Cash App

Download Cash App here

Open the app. You will need to enter some information to sign up. I had to enter a debit card number. Make sure to enter correct information at each step.

Step 2

Once you’ve completed the onboarding process, you should see a screen as so. Click the Crypto tab circled in red.

Cash App Home

Step 3

You should now see a similar screen pictured below. Click the Buy button to start the buying process.

Cash App Crypto Tab

Step 4

Select the amount you want to buy in USD(or your domestic currency). This is the amount of money you will pay for your crypto. You will see the exact amount of crypto you will receive in the next step, where you confirm the order.

Cash App Order

Step 5

View your order confirmation.

You can see the Amount, which is amount of crypto you will receive. You also see a fee, which will be charged for the order, so you won’t get the exact amount that you entered in the previous step, as some of that will be used to cover the fee. If everything looks good, confirm your order.

Cash App Order

Step 6

You should see a similar screen to the one below if your purchase was successful. If it didn’t work, you can try again. I had to try twice for some reason. It’s possible as a new user, it may have some problems with your order.

Cash App Purchased

Step 7

Go back to the crypto tab in the app and you should see the amount of crypto you own.

Cash App View BTC

Congratulations! You just successfully purchased Bitcoin on Cash App!

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