How To Buy Dogecoin 2021(updated 1/17/2021)

April 20, 2021

So you want to buy Dogecoin? Everyone has been following this crypto(even though some think it’s a stock…) and it is very cheap.

After carefully evaluating all platforms, we recommend Robinhood for Dogecoin. Note that you CANNOT send Dogecoin off platform with Robinhood. When platforms like Coinbase list Dogecoin, it will be easier to buy Dogecoin and hold it in an offline wallet.

Step 1

Download Robinhood

Download Robinhood here

Open the app. You will need to link a bank account or credit/debit card.

Step 2

Once you have successfully linked a payment method, search for DOGE. Click the search result that appears.

Robinhood Search Doge

Step 3

There will be a button to Enable Robinhood Crypto if you have not already. Click it and follow the instructions to verify your identity. The identity verification was fairly quick for me(less than 1 hour). Make sure the pictures of your identity document are clear. You will receive a notification via push and email once your identity has been verified.

Step 4

Once you have been notified that your identity has been verified, go back to DOGE by searching for it like you did before. You should now see a button that says “Buy”. Click it.

Doge Robinhood

Step 5

Doge Robinhood Form

You will now see a form to Buy Doge. It shows:

  1. Amount in USD: This is the amount of dollars you want to trade for Dogecoin
  2. Est Price: The estimated price of Dogecoin that your order will be filled for. Note that the price of Dogecoin is constantly changing since there are people trading it all the time, however the price should not change too drastically.
  3. Est DOGE: The estimated amount of DOGE that you will get from your order.

Enter the amount of USD you want to trade. You should see the Est Price and Est DOGE update. If everything looks good, click Review.

Note that if you want a specific price for your order, you can use a Limit Order. On the top right, select Limit Order, which will allow you to input the maximum price that you want to pay for DOGE. After entering your price, it will take you back to the form, however it will have the price you entered as the Limit Price

Doge Limit

Step 6

You can now Review your order. If everything looks good, swipe up to submit your order.

Review Doge

Step 7

The order should execute and you should now be able to see DOGE in your portfolio. If you used a limit order, it may take longer, since your specified price(or a cheaper price) will need to be hit.

Congratulations! You just successfully purchased Dogecoin

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