How to transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to a Hardware Wallet (2021)

January 08, 2021

So you bought some Bitcoin on Coinbase or a similar exchange, how do you transfer your crypto to a hardware wallet for secure keeping?

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Step 1

Connect your hardware wallet to your computer and log in to it. We will be using the Trezor for this tutorial.

If using the Trezor, go to, Connect your Trezor and enter your PIN.

Step 2

Generate an address on your hardware wallet.

On the Trezor Wallet home page, click the Receive tab which will give you a fresh address.


Step 3

Copy the address.

Click “Show full address” to see the full address. You can also validate the address matches the address showing on your device to be sure it is correct.


Step 4

Go to Coinbase, Log In, and click the Send button at the top right.

Send Button Coinbase

Step 5

In the dialog, enter the amount in dollars(or your domestic currency) that you would like to transfer to your hardware wallet. If you want to send all of your Bitcoin, click “Send all”.

In the “To” field, paste the address you copied from your hardware wallet.

Click Continue.

Send Dialog Coinbase

Step 6

You can now preview your Send before you confirm it. You can see the amount, the network fee that you need to pay, and approximately how long it will take to receive your funds.

Click Send Now once everything looks good to you.

You may need to complete two factor authentication before the Send goes through.

If the send goes through successfully, you will see the Success dialog.

Send Preview

Send Complete

Step 7

Check your hardware wallet, after a few minutes or so, you should see the new transaction. It may be listed as Unconfirmed as your transaction needs to be confirmed by multiple parties on the Bitcoin network first.

Unconfirmed Tx

Step 8

If you check again later on, the transaction will not show as Unconfirmed.

Confirmed Tx

Congrats! You just transferred Bitcoin from Coinbase to your Hardware Wallet! It is now safe from any hackers and completely yours!

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